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MCCQE 1 Quiz

The MCCQE PART 1 Quiz Mode

is a Self-Assessments, composed of  4 tests each test composed of 53  High Yield MCQs. Out of these 53, some are non-counting MCQs. Their presence is for statistical surveys only. The answers to these questions will not affect your total score.


Notes: Please read these notes carefully

  • When the test starts, you can not pause it and the timer will continue till the end of the test.
  • The exam time for each test is 1 hour.
  • Please notice once you start the exam you can not reset/restart the test.
  • Please be careful and do not end the test in the middle of your exam. Doing that will end the exam and you will not able to get it again.
  • At the end of the test, you will get your result/score and your performance compared to others who did this test before. Also, you will get the list of questions and correct answers.
  • A copy of your result and score will send to us. we collect these for our statistics studies which help us to better develop our Bank and exams.
  • By the end of the test, a Test completing certificate will send to your email.
  • Your opinion is important to us, so full the survey by the end of the exam. This will help us to develop our services.

Thank you and Good Luck